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What Makes a Great Fitness Experience?

• Knowledgeable motivating instructors;
• Comfortable environment; and
• Personalized intelligent program design that is fun and challenging.

Welcome to BodyMind Balance

Pilates can build strength and confidence

BodyMind Balance is a unique personal and small group training studio that has provided clients with an alternative to health clubs and gyms for more than 15 years. We offer personally supervised programs of physical fitness for all levels and abilities as well as therapeutic exercise for posture, balance and mobility. BodyMind Balance is the premiere personal fitness studio in Central Massachusetts.


Z-Health Training

TRX Suspension Training

Training is available in private, semi-private and small group settings in a non-intimidating environment.

Training at BodyMind Balance Can Change Your Life

I am forever indebted to Peter Gibbs and his staff for such dramatic improvements in my quality of life and continued career as an interventional cardiologist.

Rick Wholey, M.D

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We listen ~ your goals are what shape your workouts. Personalizing fitness opens the door to a lifetime of good habits. You will learn exercises and wellness tips not offered at traditional health clubs.

No initiation fees or monthly dues! You pay only for the classes and training you choose.

Fitness for "EVERY" BODY. Never do another boring workout again! Each session at BodyMind Balance is different, challenging, fun and fresh. Our instructors design exciting and unique workouts for each and every class eliminating boredom and inconsistent exercise habits. We deliver training focused on functional fitness - working our bodies the way that we use them. What you learn in the studio helps you function better in all of your activities!

Training at BodyMind Balance builds muscle, burns calories, increases strength and improves flexibility, balance and coordination.

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