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Real World Balance Training: 4 Classes $120, Saturdays 10:45am 1/28-2/18

No matter who you are: elite athlete, weekend warrior, recuperating from an injury or wanting to avoid the potential for one, balance training will make a critical difference.

If you want to do one thing that will improve every physical activity you do – improve your balance.  It will actually improve more than your physical activities; it will lower your overall stress level. Does this sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  It is something that anyone can achieve.

Balance depends on our three primary sensory systems:

  • Visual
  • Vestibular
  • Proprioceptive

These three systems provide information that our brains use to manage our body position to keep us upright as we move.  When the information from these systems conflict you get poor balance and often pain.  When the information they provide is more congruent, better integrated, you get improved performance.  If you want to improve your balance you need to train these systems.

Train for what you really do

Some people think that practicing balancing on unstable surfaces improves balance.  Unfortunately, for most people this just doesn’t work.  How often in your real life do you experience a balance challenge that is like standing on a wobble board or bosu?

It is important to train for what you really do.  It gets even worse, when most people train on unstable surfaces their posture looks like they are in danger and their eyes are fixed on the horizon and heads don’t move – so their visual and vestibular systems are not being integrated into the training.  Not only is this stressful, but missing out on training two of the three critical systems that account for balance is a serious problem.

Balance is a skill

The good news is that there are easy effective exercises you can do that will improve your balance skills. In just 4 sessions you can learn the exercises that if practiced for 4-8 weeks will significantly improve your balance on the ground – Guaranteed!

Real World Balance Training Schedule: TBA

Call 508-754-3327 for more information and scheduling details.