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On-Site Workplace Program

"Desk Athletics"

Tricks to Survive and Thrive at Work

It's not Voodoo or magic, but the results you'll get sometimes make it seem that way!

Could you use a surge of energy in the middle or toward the end of your workday ?

    Do you have pain or discomfort in your wrists, neck or back?

    Do you want a killer six-pack or buns of steel?

We can't promise you the last one, but this program, focused on your muscles and nervous system, can make a 
huge difference in your productivity levels, your ability to move well and to deal with stress.  Using the latest 
understanding of neuro-physiology, this program will teach you easy, simple, powerful movements you can 
do during your work day that will improve your focus and posture, raise your energy, and eliminate discomfort 
or pain in hands, neck and back.  It's tricky stuff and it works! 
Peter  Gibbs  is  the  owner  of  BodyMind  Balance,  a  business  that  helps  people  achieve  optimal 
physical  and  mental  performance  using  Pilates,  Z-Health  and  fitness  training.    He  is  a  certified  Z-Health 
Exercise  Therapy  Specialist,  who  has  taught  fitness,  pain  relief  and  stress  management  techniques  for  more 
than 20 years.

If you would like to bring this presentation to your workplace call us at 508-754-3327 or email


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