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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Pilates that you would like us to answer, send it to us, we'll post the answer on this page.

Why can't I just purchase the videos and do it at home?

There is no substitute for personal guidance and coaching by highly trained instructors. Asking questions and receiving individual feedback and correction from your instructor ensures that you will make good progress and participate in the exercises safely. There is no comparison between the experience of learning Pilates with skilled instruction vs working out to a video.

How big are your classes?

To ensure individual attention, safety and quality control, group mat class size is limited to 6-11 students. Reformer groups are limited to a maximum of 4 students

I have lower back problems. Can I still do Pilates?

If you have physical problems, you should first consult with your physician before beginning any exercise regimen. Pilates provides a wonderful way to ease into a fitness program. It conditions your muscles in a balanced way. Most Pilates exercises have modifications to accommodate both the learning process as well as particular physical limitations. Depending on your condition it may be recommended that you work one on one with an instructor. Pilates is exceptionally effective as part of a post rehab physical fitness regimen. To learn more about this go to our Pilates for Rehabilitation page.

What is the difference between the mat work and the equipment?

Mat work focuses on strengthening the core of the body, the most important part of your body. Apparatus or equipment work brings in increased resistance for core work and additional exercises that strengthen the extremities and the muscle around joints.