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About Us

Energize, Tone, and Strengthen

Energize, tone, and strengthen your body at Body Mind Balance the premier Pilates and personal fitness studio in Central Massachusetts. 

BodyMind Balance is a unique personal training studio that has provided clients with an alternative to health clubs and gyms for 10 years. Offering personally supervised programs of physical fitness for all levels and abilities; as well as Pilates based therapeutic exercise for posture and alignment has made BodyMind Balance the premiere personal fitness studio in Central Massachusetts. Specializing in Pilates, Z-Health, TRX Suspension Training, strength and flexibility training as well as a variety of fun creative fitness and weight-loss programs, available in private, semi-private and small group settings in a non-intimidating environment.

We listen ~ your goals are what shape your workouts. Personalizing fitness opens the door to a lifetime of good habits. You will learn exercises and wellness tips not offered at traditional health clubs.

No initiation fees or monthly dues! You pay only for the classes and training you choose.

Fitness for "EVERY" BODY. Never do another boring workout again! Each session at BodyMind Balance is different, challenging, fun and fresh. Our instructors design exciting and unique workouts for each and every class eliminating boredom and inconsistent exercise habits. We deliver training focused on functional fitness - working our bodies the way that we use them. What you learn in the studio helps you function better in all of your activities!

Training at BodyMind Balance builds muscle, burns calories, increases strength and improves flexibility, balance and coordination.

Regardless of your physical ability or current fitness level, we can help you walk taller, live leaner and move stronger!


Pilates is a dynamic exercise system using mat work and specialized equipment.  The exercises are specific, but the clients are not – all ages and fitness levels can benefit from Pilates.  At Body Mind Balance we offer comprehensive Pilates instruction for all levels in group or private sessions.  Our STOTT and Peak Pilates trained instructors tailor every exercise session to meet your individual abilities and needs.

The benefits of Pilates include: long, lean muscles; better posture; greater coordination and balance; enhanced flexibility; injury prevention; and increased energy.  Pilates strengthens your core, the muscles that support your spine.  Strengthening your core and balancing muscle groups alleviates lower back pain, reduces shoulder-neck tension, and will make your body less susceptible to injury.  Pilates exercises are great for athletes looking to optimize performance, for people recovering from injury and for those who want to remain physically fit and flexible as we age – all of us.


Z-Health is a cutting-edge exercise system that helps people improve their health, alleviate pain, and maximize athletic ability. Most training systems focus on muscles via resistance training and flexibility exercises or on the heart and lungs through aerobic-work. Z-Health is much more evolved. Z-Health focuses on the nervous system: the ultra high speed network that controls muscles, heart AND lungs.

Clients of all ages from (9 to 90) are training their body's fastest reacting system through the unusual - yet surprisingly simple - movements of Z-Health. And they are getting results...often in just minutes. It may sound like magic, but it's not. It is just good science applied to body Movement. Get started today. click here to learn more

TRX Suspension Training

TRX is an exciting way to workout for all fitness levels that builds total body strength, flexibility and core at the same time for people of all ages and all fitness levels. TRX harnesses your own bodyweight to create resistance as you train. Constant movement and quick transitions keep your heart rate up to burn calories. It’s fun! Whatever your objectives, TRX at BodyMind Balance will help you get stronger, train better, and reach your fitness goals. Click here for more information

Our Studio

Our bright and naturally accented studio space is enhances your Pilates experienceConveniently Located at 102 Grove Street in Worcester close to routes 290 and 190, Body Mind Balance provides a bright and comfortable 1400 sq. ft. space where our clients may participate in individual or group instruction. We have two studio spaces, one for large equipment including 7 Reformers, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and 8 Stability Chairs and a second studio dedicated to small group mat classes and TRX.

Our studio's loft space (also pictured at the top of the page) provides an ideal environment for the personalized training provided by our expert Pilates instructors. Everything is designed to enhance your Pilates experience and support your fitness, strength and wellness goals.

Directions to BodyMind Balance

BMB Studio seen from Grove Street - click here for a map to Body Mind Balance

Body Mind Balance Pilates Studio is located at 102 Grove St., Worcester, MA 01605 in picturesque brick mill building. It can be easily reached from the east, west north and south. Follow this link to use Google Maps to get customized directions to BodyMind Balance Pilates Studio.